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Since 1975, Winfield Security has provided our clients exceptional security guard services. We work with businesses in a variety of industries and provide service custom-fit to your needs.

Non-Profit Housing Organizations

Housing organizations often pose unique security challenges. Maintaining a safe environment often means mitigating the risks posed both by visitors and residents. We work with organizations to develop a security plan that maximizes the safety of your employees, residents, and visitors, as well as the security of your facility.

Educational Institutions

Unfortunately, even school and universities can be dangerous places. Winfield Security works with institutions to prepare for a variety of risks including safety threats, lockdowns, and weather emergencies. Our experienced guards help maintain the safe environment necessary for learning.

Medical & Rehabilitation Facilities

We have decades of experience in ensuring the safety of employees, patients, and visitors of medical facilities. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment and provide the peace of mind necessary to focus on treatment and healing. Guards are trained to handle situations that often arise in the stressful environment of a medical facility. We also work to reduce theft of supplies and maintain the security of controlled substances.

Community Development & Social Service Organizations

Our experienced staff works with your organization to create a plan that addresses the needs and mitigates the risks specific to your organization. Guards provide the safety and peace of mind that allows your staff, clients, and visitors to focus on the work of the organization.

Residential & Commercial Buildings

The first concern of potential residents and tenants is often security. A plan custom tailored to your building, along with trained, experienced security guards, ensure the safety of everyone on-site. We have decades of experience working in high-rise buildings, co-ops, and large commercial buildings.

Winfield Security agents are well-trained and exhibit the highest degree of professionalism. Even in extenuating circumstances, we never have to worry about gaps in coverage. They always come through.

Cassandra Perry
163rd St Improvement Council

One of the factors in our decision to engage Winfield was how they treat their employees. They take good care of their employees and in turn the employees take good care of us, the clients.

Non-profit Client

We’ve seen Winfield demonstrate, over and over again, its commitment both to its staff and its clients.

Healthcare Client

We have gotten nothing but positive feedback regarding our new security team and we are really grateful to have Winfield Security!

Travis Walls
Dream School

Learn how we can create a custom-tailored security solution for you.

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